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With research focused on ten (10) key categories; this publication presents an opportunity to celebrate real African women of valour from diverse fields.

Below are the key categories considered in the ranking

1. Business Leadership: This category features women who hold various leadership positions in for-profit organisations across the globe. Some key job titles to be featured in this category include Board Chairs, CEOs, Managing Directors, COOs etc.

2. CSO & Philanthropy: This category features women who are leading social change across the continent and beyond through Civil Society & philanthropic Organisations. Some key titles to be featured include: Founders, Coordinators, Executive Directors

3. Diplomacy: This category features women who are at the helm of international diplomacy and related to very key organisations in the world. Their works can be described as Commissioners, Secretary Generals, Executive Directors, Envoy etc

4. Education & Literature: This category features women who are leading agents in the education sector. This includes: Chancellors, Presidents, Authors & Scholars

5. Entertainment: This category features women leading the diverse entertainment sector. Some professions to spot in this category include: Musician, Comedian, Actresses

6. Entrepreneurship: This category features women who are being recognised because of the accomplishment in the field of entrepreneurship. They can hold the positions of Founders, CEOs and Chairpersons.

7. Governance: This category features women are at the helm of affairs through politics. Key people to have in this category include Presidents, Ministers, Prime Ministers, First Lady (s), Speakers of Parliament etc

8. Legal: This category features women with legal background. This includes Judges, Lawyers, Chief Justices, and Prosecutors.

9. Media: This category features women are pioneers & leaders in the media space across Africa. This includes: Bloggers, On-Air Personalities, Online Influencers

10. Sports: This category features women are Footballers, Sports Administrators, Athletes etc