Mariam Chabi Talata
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Mariam Chabi Talata

H.E. Mariam Chabi Talata
Vice President, Benin

Avance Media proudly acknowledges Her Excellency Mariam Chabi Talata Zimé Yérima, the Vice President of Benin, for her exceptional leadership and commitment to women’s empowerment and education. Named in the 5th list of 100 Most Influential African Women in 2023, H.E. Mariam Chabi Talata stands as a trailblazer in Benin’s political landscape, advocating for feminist policies and transformative changes.


Born on 7 July 1963 in Bembéréké, Benin, Mariam Chabi Talata embarked on a journey marked by a passion for education and gender equality. After completing her literary baccalauréat at CEG Akpakpa Centre in Cotonou in 1985, she pursued a degree in philosophy at Benin National University’s Faculty of Letters, Arts, and Human Sciences.


Her academic prowess led her to the prestigious École Normale Supérieure in Porto-Novo, where she specialized in philosophy, graduating with a CAPES in philosophy. Mariam’s commitment to education continued as she became an integral part of the National Education Management Staff Training Center, reinforcing her dedication to shaping Benin’s educational landscape.


Mariam Chabi Talata’s career is a testament to her commitment to education and public service. As a former presenter at the Deema community radio station in Parakou, she honed her communication skills, which would later contribute to her success in political endeavours.


Her teaching career unfolded in several schools in the north of Benin, including CEG Hubert-Maga and Notre-Dame de Fatima seminary. Transitioning to higher education, she taught at the École Normale Supérieure in Porto-Novo. Notably, her journey culminated in becoming a general secondary education inspector, a position she earned through her success in the EFPEEN entrance examination.


Mariam Chabi Talata’s administrative roles extended from being the Censor at CEG Hubert Maga to serving as the Deputy Pedagogical Inspector (IPD) for the Borgou and Alibori departments. Her impact reached the national level when she became the Director of General Secondary Education at the Ministry of Secondary and Technical Education and Professional Training.


Mariam Chabi Talata’s political journey began in 2001 when she joined Sacca Lafia’s UDS party. From 2008 to 2015, she served as the city councillor of Parakou, simultaneously holding the position of President of the Women’s Union of Elected City Councillors of the Alibori, Borgou, and Hills Departments.


In 2016, Mariam joined the coalition supporting Patrice Talon’s presidential run, marking the beginning of her association with the Progressive Union party. Her dedication to gender equality and women’s empowerment manifested when she became the first woman to be elected 1st Vice-President of the National Assembly of Benin.


The pinnacle of her political career came in 2021 when she ran as the vice-president alongside President Patrice Talon, making history as Benin’s first female vice-president. Described as a feminist, she campaigned for legalizing abortion and prioritizing women’s education.


Mariam Chabi Talata, a proud mother of four, is utilizing her term to advocate for transformative changes in women’s health and, more importantly, education. She emphasizes that educating girls remains Benin’s greatest challenge and resource. According to her, an educated woman is empowered to defend herself, take charge of her life, and actively participate in her country’s management.


While being labelled a feminist, Mariam sees her advocacy as a commitment to ensuring that everyone enjoys the rights recognized by the law. She believes that women are more often victims of social inequalities, and her efforts aim at promoting women’s emancipation.


In conclusion, Her Excellency Mariam Chabi Talata’s inclusion in Avance Media’s 2023 100 Most Influential African Women list is a well-deserved recognition of her impactful leadership. As Benin’s first female vice-president, she exemplifies resilience, commitment, and a profound dedication to advancing feminist policies and education. H.E. Mariam Chabi Talata stands as a beacon of inspiration for women in Benin and across sub-Saharan Africa, leaving an indelible mark on the path to gender equality and empowerment.