Jacqueline Asiimwe-Mwesige
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Jacqueline Asiimwe-Mwesige

Jacqueline Asiimwe-Mwesige 
CEO, CivSource Africa 

As a distinguished Ugandan human rights lawyer and philanthropy advisor, Jacqueline Asiimwe-Mwesige stands as a beacon of change, passionately advocating for women’s rights and shaping philanthropic practices across the continent.


Born in March 1970 at Mengo Hospital in Kampala, Uganda, to Reverend Benon Mugarura Mutana and Mrs Joye Mugarura, Jacqueline’s journey reflects a commitment to justice instilled from an early age. She pursued her education at Mengo Primary School and later at Gayaza High School. Jacqueline holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Makerere University, complemented by a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice and a Master of Laws degree from Georgetown University Law School in Washington, D.C.


Jacqueline’s career unfolded as a powerful narrative of dedication to human rights. While still an undergraduate, she joined the Uganda chapter of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), kickstarting her journey into advocacy. Her roles included working as an advocacy officer at Uganda Women’s Network (UWONET), and later, as the CEO of Uganda Women’s Network.


In 2017, she founded CivSource Africa, a philanthropy advisory service company aiming to influence philanthropic practices through grant management and advisory services. Jacqueline’s impact extends beyond her role as CEO, as she concurrently serves as the Chairperson of the East African Philanthropy Network (EAPN).


Jacqueline’s leadership extends to international platforms. As the Chairperson of the International Centre for Research on Women Uganda and a member of the Global Board of ICRW, she contributes significantly to advancing the rights and well-being of women globally. Her zealous fight for women’s rights, evidenced by active participation in initiatives like the “Black Monday” campaign, showcases her commitment to combating corruption in Uganda.


Jacqueline is a member of various organizations, including FIDA Uganda, the International Coach Federation, Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE), Gayaza Old Girls Association (GOGA), Uganda Feminist Forum (UFF), and Law and Advocacy for Women in Uganda (LAW Uganda). Her involvement in these bodies reflects her dedication to fostering positive change in diverse spheres.


With extensive consultancy experience, including roles with GiZ Human Rights Program, OXFAM GB, UN Women, and Action Aid International, Jacqueline’s expertise spans policy research, advocacy, and training. Her consultancy contributions have left an indelible mark on various sectors, including human rights, governance, democratization, and women’s rights.


Beyond her professional achievements, Jacqueline is a seasoned mountain climber, having conquered six mountains, including Rwenzori and Kilimanjaro. She is not only a lawyer and a thought leader in social development but also a compassionate leader who infuses integrity into her work.


Jacqueline Asiimwe-Mwesige, named in the 5th list of 100 Most Influential African Women in 2023, embodies resilience, compassion, and visionary leadership. As the CEO of CivSource Africa, she continues to shape narratives around philanthropy and giving, while advocating for the cultural legacy of generosity within African societies. Jacqueline’s impactful journey, spanning 25 years of leadership, advocacy, and philanthropy, positions her as a true influencer and a catalyst for positive change on the African continent and beyond.