Ineza Umuhoza Grace
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Ineza Umuhoza Grace

Ineza Umuhoza Grace
CEO and Founder of The Green Protector

Ineza is an Eco-Feminist and impact-driven actor in the climate change/environment sector based in Rwanda and a  researcher in the field of climate change with a focus on climate justice and its policy. She believes in the power of sharing community voices and concerts to achieve climate justice. She is the co-founder of the “Loss and Damage Youth Coalition ” a coalition of more than 900 youth from +70 countries advocating and taking concrete action to address loss and damage; she is its global coordinator.


She is the founder of “The Green Protector ” a Rwandan NGO aiming to increase active youth participation in protecting the environment through climate action, climate education and engagement in climate policy; the organisation reached more than 3,000 children and youth, implementing 10+ activities and host 10+ youth engaged in climate policy negotiation on the international level. She has been on the Rwanda negotiation team since 2018 following loss and damage.


She is a Global Citizen Winner 2023, An Obama Leader 2022, and a Nat-Geo 2020, to name a few.”


Ineza was named among the 2023 List of 100 Most Influential African Women by Avance Media.

Photo Credit: Tropics Magazine