Danai Nhando
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Danai Nhando

Danai Musandu Nhando
Country Director, Change.org South Africa
South Africa

Danai Musandu Nhando, listed in the prestigious 5th edition of Avance Media’s 100 Most Influential African Women in 2023, is a dynamic and multi-talented professional making significant contributions to impact investment and social justice initiatives. As the Investor Relations Associate at Goodwell Investments, she has played a pivotal role in building the firm’s Southern African portfolio, contributing to inclusive growth in sectors that provide essential goods, services, and income opportunities to underserved communities.


Danai holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (BcomPPE). In 2015, she completed her Postgraduate Honours in Economics. Raised in Zimbabwe, she witnessed the economic challenges faced by her home country and has dedicated herself to contributing to the future African Renaissance.


Danai joined Goodwell Investments in 2016 as the first employee of the South African office. The firm focuses on early-stage impact investments, aligning with Danai’s commitment to growing the next generation of African wealth through entrepreneurship. Her journey in the investment landscape reflects her dedication to fostering economic development and supporting early-stage ventures.


Committed to growing the early-stage investment landscape in Africa, Danai actively participates in various initiatives as a mentor and young thought leader. She serves as an in-house mentor for XL Africa, Allan Grey Orbis Foundation, and Startupbootcamp Africa. Additionally, she contributes her expertise to the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business and Oxford MBA Executive Impact Investing Course.


Danai Nhando’s career extends beyond investment, as she is a human rights lawyer with a profound commitment to fighting injustices. Her passion for social justice led her to become the Country Director of Change.org, where she drives the strategy to expand the platform in Africa. She envisions leveraging technology to address social issues and empower citizens to drive positive change.


Nhando’s journey in the tech space emphasizes her commitment to challenging norms and encouraging diversity. She advocates for women to venture into typically male-dominated fields, emphasizing the importance of owning one’s skills and not conforming to societal norms. She is a trailblazer, breaking barriers and encouraging organizations to be more open-minded in their hiring processes.


As a dedicated professional, wife, and mother, Danai exemplifies the importance of work-life balance. She is upfront about her family commitments and encourages workplaces to understand that being a mother does not compromise the quality of one’s work. Her strength and success extend beyond professional accomplishments, highlighting the significance of being present and loving in personal relationships.


Danai Nhando’s recognition as one of the 100 Most Influential African Women in 2023 is well-deserved. Her impactful work in investment, social justice, and technology showcases her as a leader dedicated to creating positive change in Africa. As a mentor, advocate, and influencer, Danai continues to inspire the next generation, proving that passion, dedication, and authenticity are key ingredients for success in any field.

Photo Credit: CIO East Africa